Saturday, 12 February 2011

Formula 1 in Glitter Glue!!!!!!

Today, Riley and I were sat at the kitchen table when he asked to do glitter glue.  Never one to miss an opportunity for art, I happily got the supplies out and just let him go for it. 

He started off blobbing different colours on to his page like he usually does, but after he'd done 7 or 8 different colours he started tracing his finger around the page.  To start with he went in between the blobs really carefully, then he started making car sounds to go with his tracing.

After a while he started going through the blobs of glitter glue, mixing them all together and leaving void marks with his fingers, and then he suddenly announced 'Its Formula 1!'  He was at it for ages, driving his finger around, making a track.  It was wonderful - totally process led.  And what made him think of formula 1, I have no idea (we follow it, but the season ended months ago.)

So anyway, here is Riley's interpretation of Formula 1, in the medium of glitter glue.....

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