Friday, 29 October 2010

Paper Plate Pumpkins

Its hardly groundbreaking, but it was a simple Halloween project we could do while Freya was asleep this morning.  We actually did it in two stages - we painted the backs of some paper plates bright orange yesterday, so today was making faces out of black paper shapes. 

He got a bit carried away with one so it has extra bits on it, and another looks like a wierd earless cat(!), but he had fun and thats what counts.  I try to let it be about process as much as possible, but he likes to have a finished product he can relate to, so some gentle steering is required every now and then!  (You can tell which one I 'steered' on!!!)  The final touch was to stick a green paper stalk to the back of each of them and then we hung them up on our living room door.  A lovely decoration for Halloween!

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