Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Here's our pumpkins, sat on the windowsill facing inside so the kids could see their faces - I'm sure the neighbours thought we were crackers.  (I did point them outwards once I'd lit them, I'm not that crazy!!!)

Anyway, we did some Halloween themed sensory play today.  It wasn't quite what I had planned, but Freya in particular loved it.  All I did was tip a packet of red lentils into a washing up bowl and add some black beans (which I had time consumingly picked out of a bag of mixed dried beans as I couldn't find them for sale on their own!).  I had intended to put some other spooky bits in there, but didn't manage it for assorted reasons, so it was just the lentils and beans.

Riley got bored of it quite quickly, which isn't like him at all, but Freya got right into it, hogging the bowl and even climbing in it eventually!

You can just see the state of my kitchen floor - she was grabbing handfuls and running up and down sprinkling and giggling as she went!!!  She absolutely loved it.  Its by far the most successful sensory play I've done with her to date.

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