Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fireworks Collage

So, as is usual in our house, Halloween was quickly replaced with Bonfire night.  The fact that the two are so close together means that Bonfire night seems to get slightly neglected, which I always think is sad.  So the race was on to think of a firework related project for a 3 year old.  The obvious one that sprang to mind was some sort of splatter/paint throwing extravaganza, however I'm not ready to cope with that level of mess yet (and with Riley it would be epic, trust me!!!), so I decided to go with gluing.

I printed off some fireworks related pictures from Sparklebox (I love this website - in theory its designed for teachers, but it has such great stuff), cut them out, then let Riley loose.

After the printed pictures, I gave him some lick-and-stick stars, and then PVA glue and glitter.

I must be mad!!!  I haven't dared go under the kitchen table yet to clear up the excess because I know its going to be THAT BAD!  There was glitter everywhere - including on Freya and in Riley's mouth (how, I have no idea).  The finished piece isn't the prettiest he's ever produced, but its all about the process and he had so much fun.

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