Friday, 5 November 2010

Happy Bonfire Night!!!

Today was fireworks art round 2!  After discounting the splatter paint idea the other day, I had a stroke of genius, and today's project was born.  The idea was that I would put small blobs of paint on to some black paper and then Riley could use the edge of a glue spreader to make them look like fireworks exploding.  He, of course (as usual!), had other ideas! 

He smooshed it around until it was a beautiful, colourful mess!  The next part of the plan was glitter glue - all the fun without the twinkly kitchen afterwards (though to be honest, its still twinkly from the other day!), but at that point Freya woke up from her nap so I charged upstairs to get her, telling him to wait nicely and then we would do the glitter glue.  When I got back to the kitchen he was sitting there with the biggest grin on his face and a massive blob of red glitter glue on his picture - and he simply announced "I did it!"  He was so pleased with himself, I couldn't be cross (and it could have been much worse!)  We've not done glitter glue before, but he loved it.

He loved it so much I couldn't get him to stop.  So the finished picture (which is still drying now, 8 hours later, as it has that much glitter glue on it!).....

He was in such high spirits after all the squelching that he decided to stick masking tape on his nose!  I have no idea why, but the picture was so cute I just had to show it!


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