Thursday, 4 November 2010

Gluing and sticking

After I mentionned Sparklebox yesterday, I thought I'd give you a look at a couple of other projects we've done recently with their printouts.  They're nothing earth-shattering - more of the same really, but at the moment Riley loves gluing and sticking so much, I'm trying to let him do it as often as possible.

The first one we did was a football project.  I printed out, then cut out some footballs with letters on them, then Riley (with a bit of help) used them to spell his name, glued them down, and decorated with some footballs cut out from some wrapping paper.

Finished result:

The second one was an Autumn project.  I'd really hoped to get him doing leaf rubbings, but after trying and failing numerous times over several days I gave it up as a bad job and cut out the ones I'd done whilst demonstrating, which Riley stuck down along with some coloured leaf printouts, a few fallen leaves and a few conkers for good measure.

He seemed to really enjoy doing the Autumn one in particular, and its so cute its been hanging in our hall ever since!

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