Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bleeding Tissue Paper Valentines Art

Today Riley and I did some bleeding tissue paper art.  I've seen it done a couple of times, but I've never done it so it was a bit of an experiment!  And at this time of year, what else could we do but a pink, heart-y creation.  I cut out some little hearts and strips of tissue paper in different pinks and reds as Riley still can't use scissors.  Then he used a sponge to wet his piece of paper - this was apparently the best bit!

Once its nice and wet you place the tissue paper on it - it doesn't have to be neat, in fact when I've seen it done if its a bit messy and crumply the finished result looks better - and then you dab more water over it.

Riley thought it was great, and its minimal mess too - just mopping up splashed water.  We've left them to dry overnight.  In theory we'll take the tissue paper off tomorrow and it'll have left a colourful print.  I'll post photos of the finished result.  For now though, here's the pieces drying - so pretty!  (And can you believe he did 3?!  That's what splashing about with water does!!)

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