Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dinosaur Sticky-Backed-Plastic Collage

I love doing sticky-backed-plastic collages - they're so easy and mess free, just tape a piece of the plastic down, peel off the backing and let your kid go crazy.  And my favourite thing to stick on?  Pictures cut out from used wrapping paper.  It takes a bit of time to cut them out if you don't have a kid that is great with scissors, but Riley has so much fun doing them.

Anyway, we had some dinosaur wrapping paper left over from Riley's birthday so I cut out the dinos and some leaves from some green tissue paper to make it look jungle-y and that was it.  As its so foolproof I decided to let Freya have a go for the first time - she loved it.

And here's Riley too....

To be honest, Riley wasn't into it that much today - he seemed to see it as a time-trial and piled all his bits on in the centre as quick as possible.  He literally did it for 2 minutes, then announced "No more dinosaurs."  But Freya sat there for ages and she only put one piece on back-to-front (and she tried to change it afterwards) which I think is pretty good for a first attempt!  Here's the finished ones.....


And Freya's:

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