Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Yet another sensory play

I am so into sensory play at the moment.  Its so easy - you tip the stuff into a bowl/tray, let them play with it, then tip it back in the packet and put it away.  Minimal set up and clean up!!!  Until today.  I've had an idea lurking for ages.  I was intending to do it before Christmas as a festive activity, but all the horrible illness got in the way (they both had the nasty nasty virus - did I tell you that?  And were both out of circulation for well over a week at slightly staggered times.  I nearly went crazy.)  The idea is very simple - uncooked, rolled porridge oats and a little bit of glitter.  As is usual now, Riley refused to even look at it.  Freya thought it was wonderful though and had a full on tantrum when I took it away (she was trying to redecorate the kitchen with it in my defence!)

A word of warning though - this is one to do outside.  The oats were really dusty and didn't want to shake off our mat easily, and well, glitter is glitter and goes everywhere at the best of times!  So my plan of virtually no clean up was thwarted today, extra sweeping and wiping - yuck!

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